Hands of Gold is a social enterprise that aims to provide a global platform for the handicrafts from the Kashmir valley. The Company envisions acting as a catalyst in promoting the niche heritage and the delicate work of the Kashmiri artisan as a partner in its perennial character with the artisan. It seeks to combine the modern art of design with the rare form of handcraft that has been made by the Kashmiri artisan for centuries now.

Kashmiri handicrafts are interwoven with the fabric of the society at large in the valley, and are reflective of the rich cultural heritage of the State. Every product crafted by the artisan has a definitive persona and look, and is adorned with latent skill and persistence of the artisan in creating a conclusive artifact. This has been the way of the ‘karigar’ over centuries and has survived with a persistent resolve in the face of many obstacles; be it industrialization evolution or socio-political conflicts.