Aari is the most popular form of embroidery that is seen in Kashmir. This involves the use of a thread that is passed through a hooked needle called the Aari. The Aari is always held under the fabric to be embroidered and is used to pull a series of loops, each emerging from within the previous, to the surface of the fabric. It’s a very time consuming process and requires a great deal of expertise and perseverance to achieve the perfect look in the finished product. The artisan uses different shades of the same color to bring alive the motifs and make it look as real as possible. Traditionally pastel colors have been used but with the changing trends and tastes brighter and darker colors are also being used. The patterns are usually inspired from the local flora and motifs from other related crafts.

At Hands of Gold, we are using this beautiful craft in modern day outfits and exquisite home furnishing items. We are experimenting with colors, fabrics and styles to give it a modern look, yet to keep intact in its original character and feel.