The term Paper Mache refers to the craft that has come to represent the technique and process of surface decoration of the object which is to be decorated. It is a craft that is well rooted in the beautiful valley of Kashmir and has become synonymous with Kashmir.

The craft is believed to have originated in Iran and introduced in the valley by the famous Persian mystic Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, also referred to as Shah-i-Hamdan. It is believed when he came to Kashmir he brought with him artisans and craftsmen who taught their skills to the locals of the valley. The artisans gave their own touch to the art inspired from the serene surroundings of the valley and gave Paper mache an identity of its own. The handcraft is passed on over generations, wherein the artisans don’t undergo a formalized training and strongly believe that they are blessed with this skill from birth just like their forefathers.

Paper Mache items include a vast range from home décor to utility items. Depending on the detailing involved, artisans can take a few weeks to a couple of months to make a single piece.

We at Hands of Gold aim to revive the traditional motifs and patterns and bring to our customers the finest the art has to offer. We provide fully customised pieces in terms of dimensions, color, patterns etc. as per the requirements of the client.