Tilla embroidery is essentially gold or silvery thread embroidery. It is done on the traditional Kashmiri garment called Phiran, but of late shawls and sarees with Tilla embroidery are also available in the market. Historically, Tilla was the taste of Royalty, and was enduring favorite for all important occasions amongst the elite. A true admirer of this work would always look for finesse that comes only when done by hand. With time, the Tilla acquires an antique look and ages like an artifact. Just like the other art forms of Kashmir, Tilla embroidery is an legacy investment and shawls, sarees etc. are often passed on from generation to generation.

We at Hands of Gold have tried to create contemporary pieces using Tilla embroidery so that it becomes more acceptable across all age groups and is also worn to different occasions.. Our endeavor is to bring contemporary and timeless products to the discerning buyer. Dresses for women, kurtas, jackets, kaftans, abayas and even cushion covers are some of the pieces we are experimenting with.