Maizah – to be discerning, embracive of good taste.

Our collection under Maizah is all about weaving stories into reality with fabrics that are rarely found.

Each embellishment carries an origin, every inch sewn unveils years of culture and tradition. Our assortment of attire includes select Pashmina Shawls, Stoles, Scarves and much more. But the precision and patience with which they twist the raw silk until it passes the eye of the needle, it is the dedication of such Kaarigars that is the marvel which deserves admiration.

From handwoven woollen stoles, each different from the other, to producing Tilla & Aari embroidery designs, native to Kashmir, immerse yourself in Maizah.

Fabrics, colours, styles – these artisans marry the old weaving traditions with contemporary fashion to enhance their technique while giving you an array of exclusive wearables to peruse.

So no matter what you choose, it’ll all be in good taste.



Made of dense, soft wool that feels like heaven against your skin, Kashmiri Woollen Stoles & Scarves are a spectacular addition to our collections. These are articles that adore comfort as much as they adorn you. A little weaving, a lot of thought, entire yarns and what you get is something you wear across your shoulders, poised and pure.


Back in the day, Tilla Embroidery was done using threads made of Silver and Gold. But with time it turned into a machine based craft. At Hands of Gold, we still prefer the old and rich than the new and overdone. We offer exclusive home furnishing items, garments and more, all hand designed and crafted. We’re helping these artists reach you, and their work still isn’t anything less than precious.


Introduced in the 12th Century by Persians, Aari Embroidery is the art of bringing detailed designs to life. The patterns, the design, the gorgeous colours, it’s as if they all secretly conspire to gift you something wearable which only grows more beautiful with time. While Kaarigars are the living proof of this art, they’re nothing without you, the canvas.