About Us

Does the cloth that you dress in feel true to your skin?
Ever tasted something so pure that you’re willing to sin, just for a little more? Does your home express itself in a way that needn’t be defined but felt?

We, at Hands of Gold, intend to intensify the very fabric of your atmosphere. To enrich it with rare and unique marvels of Kashmir that dissolve your senses, leaving you with nothing but a longing for more.

  • Corporate Gifting

    Leaving your clients with a feeling of contentment is the ideal way to go about it. Besides, who wouldn’t grin from ear to ear when gifted such thoughtful creations?

  • Weddings & Special Events

    Customized wedding gifts for the happy couple? Or maybe gifts that leaves a lasting memory for those who joined you on your happiest day, we can do it all.

  • Export

    With a strong understanding of the global markets and tie-ups with International logistic firms, Hands of Gold ships the ‘Made in Kashmir’ products globally.

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