Merak – to do something with such creativity, such love, that one leaves a part of the self in it.

This stands true for each one of our Kaarigars who dive deep into their crafts at dawn, day after day. The art of Paper Mache is one such unique pursuit that, for us, mirrors the meaning of Merak.

This craft was first introduced in the Kashmir Valley by the renowned Persian mystic Mir Syed Ali Hamdani and his band of craftsmen. In the last few decades, like a rare heirloom, the fine art of Paper Mache is passed from generation to generation but with a creative path that’s unique to every new artist. These artisans are neither trained nor educated on these skills, just born with the Midas Touch.

Merak involves a diversified set of objects that range from home decor additions to utility items. Depending on the detailing and dexterity, artisans are known to invest anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months in a single piece of craft.

That sheer reason is enough to tell you how exclusive, ecstatic, and involving these art pieces are. Looking for a detailed, decorative installation for yourself? No matter the customisations, our Kaarigars are waiting with an undying desire to create.

    Paper Mache

    An art so admirable, it makes your heartache. Timelessly textured, wearing colours of eternity, Paper Mache products are ancient Kashmir’s one true marvel. Even now, people stand and stare in awe of its inanimate yet lush site. Made of paper pulp and crude artistry, these products add personality to every home they enter.

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