5 Handicrafts that you must buy

5 Handicrafts that you must buy

Since time immemorial, India is famous for its distinctive art and culture, consisting of a diverse way of lifestyle. Ranging from culinary to clothing, the lifestyle differs at different places which makes this country a haven for tourists and explorers. Considering the fact that India has a rich history that goes back thousands of years, there is a huge number of collectibles and handicraft items that one can own. Each region specializes in a different kind of handicraft creation, mostly which is handmade. The following article mentions some of the best handicrafts which one must possess-

  1. POTTERY – The tradition of pottery is prevalent since the time of the Harappa civilization. Modern pottery designs include ambiguous colors along with intricate patterns designed on them. Hand-made potteries are usually made in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and other places as well. Bikaner, in Rajasthan, is famous for its painted pottery, while Jaipur is reputed for blue pottery. The pottery occupies a colorful position in Indian handicraft culture.

2.  CARPET WEAVING – Carpet weaving is an important part of the handicraft industry in North India. The woven carpets are incredibly beautiful and full of colors, with designs of birds or animals crafted on them. The state of Uttar Pradesh has the largest carpet weaving industries, the city of Bidohi consisting of more than 500 units. Jammu & Kashmir is known to have quite a reputation for woven silk carpets which are mostly made in Srinagar. The art of weaving silk carpets had been introduced to Kashmir five centuries ago by expert Persian artisans.


3. PASHMINA SHAWLS– A finer type of wool, Pashmina shawls are made from Cashmere wool and then taken to the Valley of Kashmir where it is hand processed. Starting from spinning to weaving and finishing, the entire process is performed by the expert artisans of Kashmir, who have inherited this art centuries ago. The shawls come in vibrant colors and the designs printed are extremely beautiful, and hence the shawls are expensive. Hands of Gold are renowned for their pashmina shawls. Each fiber of the shawl is 100% handmade and consists feathery touch.

4. LEATHER – The art of leatherwork has been prevalent in India for centuries, where leather was used for making saddles, bags, shields, and other important household products. The state of Madhya Pradesh is known for its leathercraft where various items are created such as bags, shoes, etc. The Kolhapuri chappalswhich are leather shoes in Maharashtra are quite famous in the country.

  1. WOODWORK – The northern states of India have a rich tradition of woodwork. Regions in Punjab are famous for their exquisite wooden furniture. Kashmir is famous for its artifacts made from walnut trees. The artisans of Chhattisgarh specialize in wooden crafts like masks, doors, window frames, and sculptures. Jharkhand is famous for its wooden toys which are always in a pair. The woodcarvings of Goa are an aesthetic blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, and the designs are primarily floral, animal, and human figures
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