Art & Healing

Art & Healing

Whether you passion hard on a paper mache painting or mindlessly scribble on a sheet of paper, art, in any form, has therapeutic properties that are good to individuals of all ages. Art also reduces the levels of despair and anxiety leading an individual towards to fulfilment and contentment. It is a means to self discovery. Making art may assist you in recognizing and acknowledging the feelings that have been hiding in your subconscious.

Art can be a tool to put your past, present, and future onto the canvas, feel the feeling and accept who you are. An artist finds himself through his creation and learns what is truly mustered inside his system and its representation. The process of the creation of art will provide you with an aura of fulfilment, which can enhance your personality and conviction. Art allows an individual to express and validate their skill sets, which may cause a boost in self-worth and, eventually, self-esteem. Self-esteem belongs to the basic facets of existence that provides one a sense of purpose and propels them onward.

Everyone’s life is difficult, and it requires a strong intellect and a mentality to accept and overcome them. The concrete construct which we are living in aligns us in the 9-5 cubicals where the feeling of the warmth of the spring sun ceases, the chirp of birds is replaced by the noisy corridors, and the heart springing colours of the flowers is replaced by the mundane office. This subconsciously adds onto the levels of stress, if not as once but day after day. Practicing art may also help you calm your body and mind by reducing stress. Giving your purposeful mind a break from stressful thoughts allow your brain and body to recover, enabling you to participate in your everyday life with more zest. A happy existence begins with a healthy mind and body! Art can be the vent to the emotional baggage developed overtime.

For the artist, art is an aesthetically attractive process. When an artist has an emotional relationship to a piece of work, he or she feels a sense of accomplishment when it is accomplished. Abstract painting allows the observer a clear focus to gather all his imagination and put his feelings into the canvas. This gives the person a contented sensation. Colors are used by artists to convey internal and exterior moods. These colours compel a person to integrate his mind and body to create a physical activity that is both mentally and physically therapeutic.

That is more effective than meditation!

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