Benefits of Cold pressed oil

Benefits of Cold pressed oil

A lot has been already said about the various benefits of cold pressed oils. Being a better alternative more nutritious as compared to hot pressed versions, cold pressed oils are widely used by people across the globe. Cold pressed oils are extracted by crushing and squeezing seeds at normal temperature. Furthermore, the process doesn’t involve the application of heat which makes cold pressed oil the healthiest variant of oil available to us.


The origins of cold pressed oils can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization. Some evidence of burnt sesame seeds and oil-pressing machines were found in ruins of Harappa civilization which after thorough examination, were found to be 5000 years old. In ancient times, an extended cylindrical instrument referred to as ‘ghani’ was used to extract oil from oilseeds.


  1. Commercial processes produce very high temperatures, which results in the loss of antioxidants like tocopherols and sterols. This process also produces free radicals and trans fatty acids (TFA), and polymeric components which are carcinogenic (cancer-causing) agents. The free radicals can cause other illnesses like Alzheimer’s whereas cold-pressed oils are devoid of free radicals. The cold pressing process does not involve the production of harmful elements and as such, is beneficial for the body.


  1. The production of refined oil involve the application of heat; however, the extreme temperature destroys the beneficial elements during the process. These vital elements are retained in the cold pressed oils along with all the healthy qualities of the oilseeds. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and healing properties which also help in anti-ageing and prevents skin rashing.


  1. Cold pressed oils are free from hexane and petroleum ether which can have harmful effects on the human body if the solvent plus oil mixture is not properly processed. Hexane can cause depression of the central systema nervosum and dermatitis. Cold-pressed oils don’t need such harmful chemicals for production.
  2. The commercial production of palm oil and coconut oil involves degumming, a process involving the addition of phosphoric acid. Degumming removes the calcium and magnesium salts of phosphatidic acid along with other beneficial elements.


  1. Studies have shown that the consumption of cold pressed coconut oil is beneficial for health since it maintains the cholesterol level of the body.


  1. The application of cold pressed oil is very healthy for human skin, hair and teeth.


  1. The procedure of cold pressing of oil helps retaining the natural healthy antioxidants in the oil, which are not able to sustain from the heating procedure.


  1. Cold-pressed oils are a rich source of oleic acid and lauric acid, which boost immune system and help fight against the harmful particles.


  1. Cold-pressed oils improve the good cholesterol or the HDL in our body and act as carriers to aid in the removal of the bad cholesterol or the LDL from our body. Refined oils leave our body with no cholesterol.


  1. Cold-pressed oils are helpful in maintaining the energy level of the body.

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