Brief history and essence of Saffron

Brief history and essence of Saffron

Saffron, a crimson spice grown in the brown-mahogany-colored Karewa soil of Pampore attains the inception of its beauty methodically from the lavender blossoms to its nectareous infusion into the cuisines. Also referred to as the ‘red gold,’ it is an empress of all seasoning. Translated to Zafran in Urdu, its literal meaning is ‘someone or something who is highly prized and fragrant in essence.’ Its thread-like structure calls for a profound acclamation of the art of the Lord. A powerful antioxidant, Saffron is patent to reduce oxidative stress and neutralize harmful free radicals in humans. It gets its accreditation of the ‘sunshine spice’ because of its mood upping associations. In addition to the stigma, the petals of Kong-posh are known to rod mild to moderate depression. It is a feminine-friendly spice as well. Moreover, it can help you with your emotional binge eating, thus proving to be potent in the weight loss journey.

Owing to its labor-intensive harvesting method, it is one of the most priced crops in the world. Each strand of the stigma is hand-picked one by one and thereupon a kilogram of the saffron is collected after harvesting an astounding 300,000 lavender saffron flower bulbs. Usually, an entire family joins hands and makes the red crop happen.

Attributing to its quality of being a powerful antioxidant, it protects brain cells against progressive damage and thus can help with Parkinson’s, help children with learning ability, improve inflammation, reduce appetite, and aid weight loss. Free radical damage has been linked to chronic diseases, such as cancer. The main antioxidant in saffron — may make cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy drugs and thus help the patient recover quicker.

Both, the saffron flower petals and thread-like stigma appear to be conventionally effective to treat depression.

It has been found that simply smelling saffron can help reduce anxiety related to PMS and help tame the hormone cortisol.

Patients taking the Saffron supplements felt significantly fuller, snacked less frequently and this resulted in reduced body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and total fat mass.

Saffron, a warming drink is just a portion of perfect comfort food for winters. All this and more adds to the glamour of this spice that takes its first breath under the golden, buttery autumn sun.


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