Celebrate Navratri with us!

Celebrate Navratri with us!

As the temperature drops and we bid adieu to summer, the festive fervour is in full swing across the country. The most revered Hindu festival spanning over nine nights, Navratri,  marks the beginning of the festive season in several parts of the country. Reverent fasts cause special attention to be paid to what the body is shelved with and  offer immediate benefits such as smoother digestion, better moods and hormonal balance, and improved skin and hair health. A connoisseur might be happy to receive some of the Himalayan sourced noshery products under our label on Durga Puja. There is nothing like an authentic Kashmiri Saffron, Himalayan White Honey, Kashmiri Tadka Masala, Walnut Oil or 24k carat gold premix kahwa. These meals add the much-needed diversity to our diets, beating the monotony. Designed with a predominance of the aeronautical theme,  with a premium hint, the magnanimity of Kashmir is the USP of our products. Our edibles are an interesting mix of tradition and pave way for the curation of all the contemporary platters on the menu.

With our convenient product list, one can hold the impromptu gatherings, indulging in the snacky light bites, or premixed beverages will give that best homecook time to indulge in the festivities as much as others.  Convenience, freedom, and health in its urban vibe can be as fun filled for those whose celebration starts start anywhere with readied offerings.

The foods listed above are majorly light on the body and do not generate heat. Gulkand, under the Hands of Gold label is another elixir that adds the luxury of rose to your regular beverage besides aligning your focal.

So, get ordering and celebrate with us the victory of good over the evil.

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