Chinar Engraved Kashmiri Izband Soz

Chinar Engraved Kashmiri Izband Soz

The Kashmiri incense holder and burner is a crafted essence of the timeless and articulate Kashmiri culture. An intrinsic part of the bridal trousseau in earthy copper is chiseled with sharp tools and results in the state of art unmatched. The piece speaks volumes of its Kashmiri ethnicity and culture. It is believed to wade off the devil and promote an atmosphere of austerity and compose.  The crafty demeanor of this art has not decreased a bit and is evergreen in its field of intricacy.

The coppered izband soz also majors as a Kashmiri interior decor and takes a bland space to a Kashmiri high. It is also used for customary and corporate gifting.

Placed on an alter stand, the copper isband soz will last you a lifetime and will spread fragrance high up to the empyrean.

About The Craft Locally known as Traam, Kashmiri Copperware is a symbol of royalty. Beautifully carved, the copperware sits high in the court of Kashmir Arts and Crafts. It is enticing enough to cast a spell of grandeur in heritage inspired motifs.

Srinagar’s old city or Shehr-e-Khaas has been the hub of copperware since the 19th century. The old markets of Zaina Kadal still carry this glorious art in the forms of exquisite copper samovars, cups, glasses, tasht naaris, traamis, jugs, bowls, trays, degh (round bottomed pot) gracefully gleaming in the shops of downtown even today. These establishments add value to the downtown life’s chirp and warmth.

With the fragrance of spring flowers spreading wide across, the hues emancipating from the soz are mystifying enough to add five stars to the spring celebration.

Place orders for your piece now and give your space a royal impress.

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