Co-ord Sets from Maizah by Hands of Gold

Co-ord Sets from Maizah by Hands of Gold

There is no easier way to get dressed than with co-ords. If you enjoy clothing that allows you to spend an additional 15 minutes in bed, the co-ord style is for you. Co-ords are ideal if you’ve snoozed your alarm and are seeking something simple but elegant to wear.

We’re aware that, woman is well acquainted with the stress and time that go into picking what to wear. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply a regular day, deciding what pieces to pair together takes longer than simply getting dressed-ords are back in style, and in a big way, to get you out of this daily crisis. The women’s co-ord sets by Maizah are tone and style coordinated. These clothing combinations don’t need to be matched with the separates to make them ideal ensemble — they’re already perfect! The two-piece outfit comes in the handcrafted fabrics and time-honoured styles crafted in Kashmir. 

Wear the pieces together for an instant look or if you have enough bandwidth, you may get two new pieces to mix and match within your existing wardrobe.

At Maizah by Hands of Gold, we go above and beyond the in each design with an indulgence of Indian culture. The fabrics are based in the premium silk and wool with high count. Impeccably tailored and adorned with beautiful tilla and aari embroidery, the options in colours and embroidery keep increasing.

Everything from the collection of raw material to needling to the disperse is done by the kariagar himself. The thread selection best suited as per the required fabric count is elected for an embroidery type. The higher the count, the finer the yarn is and the more exquisite the embroidery would be.  The marvels hence produced are limited, uncommon and a luxury to possess.

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