Four-Honey Categories Under the Hands of Gold Label

Four-Honey Categories Under the Hands of Gold Label

Honey, an amber-colored concoction, expressed from the honeycombs of the valley is the legacy of the hills, ensembling hearts lastingly. The four of the honey categories worth a buy under the organic label of Hands of Gold follow:

  1. Raw Forest Honey is an edible masterpiece crafted in the forests of the valley of Kashmir. This classic honey is the closest to the honey directly from the hive and retains its full quota of health-sustaining vitamins, minerals, and goodness. This category of honey is available for six months and its expression is owed to the seasonally available flowers in the forest. Treat yourself with this exotic wild raw honey and brighten your day. You can have it as an accompaniment to milk, breakfast cereal, or as an addition to the salad seasoning. This organic Raw Forest Honey is bottled without any processing or heating, to preserve its innate natural flavours and goodness.

2. Saffron White Honey is a saffron-infused honey that can be a superfood bestowal to your kitchen. This honey has the best of both worlds and gives you a top-notch concoction. In addition to the guilt-free indulgence, it does to your health effortlessly what otherwise would cost you a bomb and endeavor.

So, place orders for this commix and treat yourself to the legacy of the hills.

3. Tulsi/Basil Honey is helpful with many chronic diseases. This honey organic can  be your regular go-to treat. It can be mixed with warm water or can be added to any beverage as a sweetener. Tulsi or Basil is a power herb used in India for centuries. It has a traditional association to the subcontinent and hence It tops in the medicinal vitality.

4. 24K Gold Honey: Experience luxury, unmatched with this 24k Gold Honey. Being a part of Indian royal culture and Ayurveda, this amalgamation boosts health and improve cognitive skills. It can be used in marinades or salad dressings regularly or for celebratory occasions.

Our products are cruelty-free and we have a harmless collection process.

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