Gift a Diwali of Love, Health & Happiness to your loved ones

Gift a Diwali of Love, Health & Happiness to your loved ones

Hands of Gold brings to you the best, the valley has to offer. Its products include one of the rarest gourmet honeys, the premix kahwa which allows you enjoy Kashmir in every sip, the exotic paper mache, cold pressed oils, and woollen stoles & shawls. These products are organically sourced and are 100% handmade. Hands of Gold’s products will last you a lifetime so much so that they are mostly passed down as a family heirloom. This Diwali, the brand has meticulously crafted the gift hampers for you and your loved ones with the best the Himalayan chest has to offer. These can be customised as per the client requirements and their budget preferences.

The box of our best honey variants, and Kehwa is an elixir for winters. Pamper yourself and your loved ones, with some happiness and immense health. Another combo of ours has the goodness of herbs, roses, and raw honey in three jars of absolute health and deliciousness. The warmth of our woollen stoles, around your neck, will be a constant reminder of the warmth of the handmade embrace of the people of Kashmir.

So, this Diwali, let Hands of Gold be the part of your festivity. We have the range of exciting gift hampers for you all. Pick your budget, colours and products and allow us to customise the Diwali of bliss for you and yours.

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