Gift handmade in this season of love

Gift handmade in this season of love

n these times of concrete construct when everything is machine made and quick, something personal and thoughtful is a luxury which the lovers of art celebrate. It is uniquely special to only them, and  is the best expression of love.

A handmade shawl passed down from your mother to you becomes the heirloom piece of the family and goes on for generations. The designs on the paper mache products and the embriodary of tilla and aari become the soul of the article, overtime. These vintage pieces of art in addition to being timeless also become extraordinarily priceless if maintained carefully.

Personalized as per the patrons likes and dislikes, the timeless masterpieces are hand crafted by Kashmir’s highly acclaimed master artisans. Each design a legacy for generations. The gift boxes of hands of gold provide ease of formal and exquisite gifting making it ideal for the moment of togetherness.

Handmade is the highest employable sector in the country and only a unique skillset with the hands of gold can do justice to it. It is a way to preserve the culture of the land and is a small-scale production industry where every product is unique and has a human touch of love.

It is the best in quality because each article is carefully picked and included in the craft.

Some of those around you deserve a unique touch when it comes to gifts. Choose through our diverse range of crafts and edibles and customize orders to meet your satisfaction. With a strong understanding of the global markets and tie-ups with international logistic firms, hands of gold ships the ‘Made in Kashmir’ handmade products globally too. So place orders and get your valentines sparkling!

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