Gift Handmade warmth this Diwali

Gift Handmade warmth this Diwali

Diwali is the one time when it’s completely justified to go all out – whether it’s for shopping for new outfits, gifting, or even the festivities. But amidst the pomp and show, it’s important to not forget the things that matter too, like making environmentally conscious choices.

A lot of the gifts we receive on Diwali are of no use to us and are rendered useless after the festival. If you take an effort to keep it as a mark of your loveable memory, it will take space without deriving any use.

Chic woollen handmade stoles from Hands of Gold in addition to being a thoughtful gifting option can be a welcome change from the usual sweets that only end up making you gain weight. Hands of Gold’s premium stoles in customized colours are handmade with the finest 100% Marino wool, embracing you in a regal envelope of warmth and adding a luxurious quotient to your ensemble.

This Maizah from Kashmir is a personification of the warmth of the people of Kashmir. The handpicked woollen threads rolled into colourful balls and eventually into flowy ensembles, find their root in these mystic peaks of the valley only. Each fibril is a story untold, finding its way into the essence of tales. Everything from the collection of raw material to needling to the disperse is done by the Kaariagar himself. The marvels hence produced are unparalleled.

These stoles find an extensive breadth in International Flim Festivals. Silver screen influencers and celebrities are found spotting these pieces and how!

Our stoles are statement pieces that come in a range of colour palettes of classy subdued and rousing brights.

Endless ways of styling a stole can accentuate a monotonous look into a fashionably vogue. It can be used as a pop up while neutralising the rest look.

Cruise your Diwali into the best in quality stoles from Hands of Gold. Mesmer your guests with the run of mahogany or deep pink stole around your neck and let it fall in neat pleats over the front.

These artistic pieces are easy to maintain and can be laundered at home with mild woollen fabric cleaners.

With the gamut of stoles from Hands of Gold, you have a real sweep deal at your hands this Diwali. So, get ordering!

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