Gifting Idea at Hands of Gold

Gifting Idea at Hands of Gold

The bestowal of salt and pepper is God’s way to add spice to the bland life. It is an assortment of good news and occasions of celebration which come along with loveable gifts, customized and handmade. Gifting rejuvenates bonds of decades and the person giving the gift gets the biggest emotional benefit.

Hands of Gold brings to you the best of Kashmir with the warmth of the silhouetted contours. It has everything from the minimalist to regal to add four moons to your togetherness and add a factor of glamour.

If your other half is a noshery fan and conscious of his/her diet, Hands of Gold is the terminal for you. It is an assortment of the products in Nosh manufactured lovingly in the Himalayan chest. In addition to the untouched raw honey, Hands of Gold brings to you the honey flavoured in Kashmiri mahogany saffron, basil and the rich 24K gold. Its premix Kahwa is a golden beverage of the traditional galore. The cold-pressed oils take your salad mood to an appetizing high by dressing it in the amalgamation of spices and condiments. The Kashmiri Tadka Masala, Saffron and Shilajit are as rewarding as the frosting on the cake.

Hands of Gold’s maizah is embracive of splendid taste and is an assortment of fine pashmina shawls and stoles, in addition to elegant scarves.

The art of Paper Mache is one unique pursuit that mirrors the meaning of Merak. It has to do everything with love so much so that the kaarigar leaves a part of himself into the piece whose making takes from weeks to months altogether.

The art from Kashmir is admired in every nook. Its timeless pieces narrate the stories and love from one generation to the next.

Get hands at amazing deals from Hands of Gold and charm yourself and yours.


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