Hands of Gold’s Sustainable Gift Options for Diwali

Hands of Gold’s Sustainable Gift Options for Diwali

In India, regardless of any festival, occasion, or event, the one thing that remains constant is the tradition of gifting. Ditch those old methods and surprise your loved ones with the paper mache from Hands of Gold. It is made from paper pulp and is hand painted. This art from Kashmir is so sustainable that it lasts you for generations and becomes the part of the family heirloom. No wastage is endorsed in its making and it is a wonderful way to give back to Mother Earth which has nurtured us from its produce since forever.  It is also a way to contribute towards the empowerment of the misprised artisans of the valley and make it a sustainable career option for the next in line.

Gifting Eco-friendly products is a message about your choice. It is never easy to make a huge impact, but it is important to start.  Choose eco-friendly products and Gift hampers, so you can give earth the gift of less waste.  None of our products contributes to plastic. In addition to paper mache we  also have a massive range of sustainable presents to choose from. We know that the tastes vary, so we have come up with a wide range of products for you. The good thing about our such gift hampers is that whoever receives them will have a reason to rejoice with multiple articles and not just one. You could compile your own eco-friendly gift hampers by putting together some of our sustainable presents, or you could choose from our pre-compiled nature-friendly gift hampers of eco-friendly gifts for him, eco-friendly gifts for her and eco-friendly gifts for kids.

Paper mache from Hands of Gold can become an idea of sustainability with immaculate art which will push others to the cause as well. While you celebrate Diwali, choose to celebrate it a little more responsibly with us.

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