Introducing Gulkand – the rose preserve of Kashmir

Introducing Gulkand – the rose preserve of Kashmir

Made with the aromatic, spring rose of Kashmir, Hands of Gold’s Gulkand is a master coolant. Add it to your summer beverage or portion it in your regular diet for a pleasant rejuvenation. Also called the rose petal jam, Gulkand is prepared by a slow simmer of rose petals with sugar, springing into a concocting, fragrant medley of flavours.

Gulkand is the nature’s confluence of the finest to give a potion of life to your sensory faculties and gets you performing at the pace, the present-day construct demands from you.

Packed in a premium quality food-grade jar, Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and a cooling rejuvenator. It is of a great harmonizer to people suffering from acidity, stomach disorders, body odour or fatigue as bummers to their customary routine.

With a no color and no added flavour promise Hands of Gold’s Gulkand is manufactured from the cultivation of pristine contours of Kashmir. This harvest, harmonious with purity and nature gives you a longing taste of sweetness in addition  to the warranty of health.

Hands of Gold’s Gulkand can also be used in confectionary chocolates, raspberry tarts, kersar elaichi desserts, laddoos or as an addition to  milkshakes, ice creams, desserts and even as a stunning filling in cookies and cakes.

So, place orders for this assortment from the paradise which is not just a product but an Indian legacy.

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