Kaftans from Maizah by Hands of Gold

Kaftans from Maizah by Hands of Gold

Kaftan has an Arabic origin. It is a synonym of royalty and elegance.

If you are looking for a breezy ensemble which is loose-fitting, Kaftan is the quest for you. It is a lightweight garment predominately admired because of its exotic and comfortable appearance. Maizah by Hands of Gold has assorted this multi-cultural garb with the best of Kashmir which has topped the most loved outfit chart since its launch.

We are catering to these assorted pieces with premium bases handcrafted at Srinagar. The tila and aari embroidery on it is also handcrafted by the eminent karigars of Kashmir. We have tried to keep these handmade pieces as true to the original quality as possible while giving a subtle contemporary touch so that it vibes with the younger generation as well. 

These stunning pieces can be used to lounge around at home or by the pool or beach. Kaftan continues to be one of the most sought-after elegant statement pieces for every event.

Maizah by Hands of Gold offers you a variety of to choose from with minimal to necked embroidery pieces which adorn your neck like a string of jewels and will be an assertion of your uniqueness and grace. Simple accessories such as earrings, clutch, and a pair of strappy heels can add glamour to any wedding function or a soiree.

Our Kaftans are inspired by you! Intricate and assertive, purely reflective of your personality. For those of you who won’t settle on minimal, the Kaftans, with expansive Aari work, is a testimony to your fearlessness!

Layer it with a cami in a matching color or a color that matches your skin tone. Solid colored jeans and a camisole would also pop under a open kaftan.

Get hands on the ‘Made in Kashmir’ Kaftans to add the most glamorous piece to your daily wardrobe, scroll through our pieces to get you making a sartorial statement, in any season.

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