Kahwa as a Diwali Beverage

Kahwa as a Diwali Beverage

The Festival of lights come with the start of fall.  It is the warmth of togetherness, festivity and lights when the world is preparing for the winter soloistic. Diwali is also the last colossal celebration of summer with whopping indulgence in the Asian subcontinent. While the preparations start months before the actual season, the magic of a celebratory beverage is mostly  missed out on.

Hands of Gold brings to you its 24k premix kahwa with the flakes of edible gold and herbs of the Himalayan chest. This concoction in addition to being budget friendly is a premium product and a statement of luxury.

The making of this royal cup is a piece of cake. All you need is hot water in your favourite festivity ceramic. Add a heaped teaspoon of Hands of Gold’s 24k gold premix kahwa powder, stir it for a while until you attain an amber coloured golden colour. Hands of Gold’s 24k gold honey to the concoction adds four moons to your festivity and blesses your loved ones with a promise of good health.

The accompaniments with Kahwa are many, adding it alongside with a “namkeen” or “farsan” is  a loved combination.

Its garnish with the Kashmiri Saffron and dried fruits which are lightly crushed to release their flavours makes it all the more premium. Dried rose petals also add a  celebratory bliss. A perfect cup of kahwa with the spices is enough and more to drive your blues away.

Purchasing the products in gold and copper are considered an epitome of good fortune on Diwali and what better than having them constituting the beverage you are indulging in. Kahwa is brewed in copper samovars in Kashmir, these are the  copper kettles used for the prolonged  brew. Opting for these samovar kettles adds four moons to the festivities.

Hands of Gold lives to make your everyday and carousals royal with budgets suiting every purse. So, while you get getting the last preparations done, order  the Hands of Gold’s festive bliss and let it do the talking.

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