Kashmiri kahwa – The golden brew!

Kashmiri kahwa – The golden brew!

With a very thin muzak of rabab in the background, Kahwa in Kashmiri homes is steeped in the copper samovars, so much so that the liquid attains an ethereal, deep golden, velvety consistency. It is an infusion of a blend of impeccable, organic Kashmiri herbs. Stevia, honey, or sugar is used as a sweetener. It is traditionally garnished with crushed almonds and the strands of Kong posh (saffron) taking it to a festive high. Dried rose petals are added to it as well on customization.

Shangri a famous grandmother’s herb is an ardent part of the Kashmiri Kahwa in addition to Sepistan, shount, and Dalchini. During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, the addition of these was medically recommended in this simple homemade decoction, Kahwa.

Shangri consists of dried stolon, yellow-brown or deep brown outer layer, and is wrinkled. It is also known as an aromatic root. In addition to the sweetish flavour, this medicinal herb has sweeping health benefits and thus, is of excellent value in naturally treating sore throat, chest congestion, bronchitis, to name a few.

Sepistan is known to give relief in phlegm. Besides, it reduces inflammation of the sore throat, tonsils, and the voice box from overuse, irritation, or infection.

These herbs were distributed among the frontline workers, in quarantines, and the covid patients and hence backed the recovery.

Kahwa finds a great accompaniment in the locally made Kashmiri puff, Shirmal, Roth, and Kulchas. Long before dawn, hundreds of baker families (Kandurs) in the Valley fire up wood tandoors and start the fresh make. These melt with the sweet kahwa sips and take you into a dreamlike dimension.

Kahwa gets its nonpareil savour by virtue of no added artificial flavours, essences, and preservatives. This makes it a notable health-benefiting sip. It is served in shallow cups as a part of the cherished Kashmiri culture. This golden drink forms a part of the primary grandeur of the Kashmiri solemnization and stirs up the fete.

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