Kashmiri ‘’Kong- e- Kahwa’’ Recipe

Kashmiri ‘’Kong- e- Kahwa’’ Recipe

Kahwa is an amber-coloured essence of Kashmir, a well-combined potion brewed to ceed a concentrated, nectared bliss. The constituents of it are handpicked from the Gods’ own contoured silhouettes. This Kashmiri green tea is a local favourite and forms a part of the Kashmiri tradition a culture. It is a celebratory welcome drink at the aristocratic convocations.

Saffron, the vivid crimson threads, adds richness to the compose in addition to imbibing a range of health benefits to the tea.  It contributes to an addition of the sunset golden colour and a hay-like fragrance to the brew.

Honey adds a tinch of subtle and pleasurable sweetness to the cup.

This enactment of a Kashmiri cup of bliss demands time and effort. To assist with the timely curation, Hands of Gold brings to you a premix Kahwa, saffron and varieties of honey with the best of Kashmir.

Ingredients required for this cup of divinity are hot water,  Hands of Gold saffron,  Hands of Gold premix Kahwa, and Honey.

Yes, it is this effortless with our premium Kahwa premix.


  1. Add hot water to the cup
  2. Add some strands of Hands of Gold Saffron
  3. Then add a heaped teaspoon of Hands of Gold premix Kahwa
  4. To give accentuate its sweetness, we recommend adding half a teaspoon of Tulsi/Basil white honey to the concoction.
  5. Let it stay in while you stire subtly.

Ta-da! the cupful of the drink of paradise is ready to enthral your spirits.

You can savour this sip solo or batch it with the accompaniments from Kashmir to have the lavish feels of the land of five-pointed chinars.

Gourmet food and hospitality services in addition to the singletons vouch for the premium quality and value for money after associating with Hands of Gold.

Place orders for your prime parcels from Kashmir with Hands of Gold and become witness to this recipe of the Kashmiri forebearers.

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