Kashmiri Nosh Treaties to Tease Your Taste Buds With

Kashmiri Nosh Treaties to Tease Your Taste Buds With

Kashmir is a bowl of exotic Himalayan fold foods of major consumables to the dressers to the flavour multipliers. These foods are derived with a colossal appetite for tantalizing flavours and warmth derivates.

The six exotic consumables brought to you with love from Kashmir are:

Amber coloured honey: This viscous nosh from Kashmir is a concoction engineered in the honeycombs of Kashmir. It undergoes minimum refining correlating to its consumption mostly in the raw form. Some prefer flavourful concoctions too to give an influential tease to their taste buds.

Golden Kahwa: It is steeped in the copper samovars until the liquid attains an ethereal, deep golden, velvety consistency. It is an infusion of a blend of impeccable, organic Kashmiri herbs and is traditionally garnished with crushed almonds and the strands of saffron, taking it to a festive high.

Dried rose petals are added to it as well on customization.

Kashmiri tadka masala: It is the traditional Kashmiri vaer blended with the aromatic masalas from the valley in addition to the organic garlic, onion shallots, and rich mustard oil. This tikki is then dried, filling up the room with an incense unmatched for.

Kashmiri Saffron: This handpicked spice is a star of the delicacies of Kashmir. It infuses a deep mahogany colour into the relish and accumulates the benefits nonpareil.

Oils of Kashmir: Kashmir is fruit and dried-fruit rich. Apricots, almonds and walnuts are processed to extract oils. These oils are used to dress salads and find extensive use in skin and hair care as well.

Hands of Gold® offers a range of these traditionally acquired edibles in their ethnic best.

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