Kashmiri Tadka Masala

Kashmiri Tadka Masala

A concoction of the spices of the contours mixed in a traditional demeanor into a Kashmiri Ver.

The process starts by traditionally pounding the freshly plucked garlic buds, ginger, onion shallots, and Kashmiri Herbs to achieve a fine consistency. The mix is seasoned with the dried flower bud of tropical tree cloves, black cumin seeds, Kashmiri red chili powder, fennel powder, methera, asafoetida, Saunf Powder, Sund powder, and garlic powder. The deep golden mustard oil plays the main ingredient, further infusing these rich  flavours and increasing the shelf life of the masala. The process of sun-drying later creates a unique complexity of flavours that is more splendid than the sum of its ingredients put together.

This rich coalesce is a colossal part of the traditional Kashmiri household. It is known to accentuate the taste of a bland dish multi-folds in addition to the infusion of the Durban style, deep red colour, fiery chili heat, and fantastic flavour. As they say that “People Eat with Their Eyes First”, Kashmiri ver suffices to the saying.

One can add this aromatic ready-to-mix,  compose, into a lamb or chicken dish to take it up multi-notches. It goes amazingly well with the vegetarian dishes and is a great accompaniment with white rice. Spice lovers consider making a deep red sauce out of it too.

The mix is boxed into an airtight container, and one is advised to store it at room temperature.  Storing it in direct sunlight keeps the spices potent for long. You can usually shelf this flavourful spice mixture for a few months after opening the lid.

If you want the masala to last longer, put the airtight container into the freezer.

This hot spice mix can be added to the cuisine directly or by mixing it with the leftover stock to engineer an easy blend.

Kashmiri tadka masala is low in cholesterol and instigates metabolism. A cold winter evening and a hot steaming bowl of rice with ver are amazing accompaniments.

So, get your hands at this ready-to-mix aromatic blend from Hands of Gold and impress your taste buds.

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