Kashmiri Walnut Oil

Kashmiri Walnut Oil

Believed to be brain food, Kashmiri walnut oil is a condiment rich in omega-3 fatty acids. When cold pressed, the benefits ordained upon the user are absolute high.  Walnut oil is obtained by pressing whole walnuts. With a light yellow, nutty flavour and scent, Hands of Gold procures it without having it heat touched. The kernels aren’t precooked as no heat is available other than what is generated through friction during the press. It is vouched for adding a nutty flavour to the accompaniment. The flavour, nutrition and the goodness is all intact in this oil and it comes to your house as a gift of Kashmir.

No preservatives are administered during the process and therefore the raw pressed produce of the kernel is obtained for. An effort is made to bring the product to you in the most natural state, untouched.

Omega-3 from Walnut Oils are beneficial for beautifying skin. They help in treating depression, boosting, and enhancing mental health. Omega-3 betters overall cardiovascular health, decreases the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, and reduces liver fats.

Walnut oil is wonderful as a salad dresser. It also nourishes hair and skin in ways not boasted about frequently.

So, place orders and make this wonder oil a part of your kitchenette,  vanity and more.

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