Maizah by Hands of Gold

Maizah by Hands of Gold

Maizah is a tale of love for the discerning taste of the meticulously crafted ensembles speaking volumes and sonnets of the beauty of Kashmir. With Maizah, Hands of Gold attempts to contemporize the traditional art of Kashmir in a bespoke demeanour while keeping it true to its quintessence.

With finesse comes an aura of independence, confidence, assertiveness and being carefree. It is all these virtues we at Maizah are trying to replicate through our range of clothing that is the finest blend of tradition and modernity. What better tradition can there be than the art and craft of Kashmir, which has been infusing life in garments for centuries now? And all that with skillful fingers!

We at Hands of Gold get these Kashmiri artisans to weave magic over the finest of fabrics, to give you something exquisite, something you will not just have, but possess.

These are the women who know the importance of traditions, art, and culture and of the tireless toil that the artisans put into their work. We do not call them clients! We just put our heads together and create the best of Kashmir for them! They make Maizah what it is!

Hands of Gold is working in tandem with the finest of Karigars from Kashmir, in Kashmir, to create a blend that has been missing from the contemporary fashion scene. We are creating a blend of modernity and tradition, you will adorn and enhance your free spirit, and assert yourself in whatever sphere you want. Be yourself to the core! Maizah is an amalgam of two dire necessities that Hands of Gold identified and immediately started to address.

Indulge in and look regal in this legacy of Kashmir while experiencing the warmth of the assorted mosaic of the valley. It will rouse the very fabric of your aura and enrich it with the rarity that will dissolve your senses, leaving you with nothing but a longing for more.

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