Men’s Kurta from Maizah by Hands of Gold

Men’s Kurta from Maizah by Hands of Gold

Kurta is not an attire, it is a style statement unique to the wearer and how he carries it. The immaculate Kurtas by Maizah add a tinge of class to the energy you exude!

The kurta has evolved stylistically over the centuries from a garment of everyday wear to becoming the heart of Indian weddings and festivities. This flowy outfit from Maizah by Hands of Gold is primarily picked in solid-coloured premium fabric bases. The subtle detailing around the neck and sleeves, allows the fabric to get all the attention. 

The typical fall of the kurta just above or somewhere below the knee of the wearer enables ease of movement and adds comfort to the lifestyle. The sleeves of a traditional kurta fall to the wrist without narrowing, the ends hemmed but not cuffed.  

While you can choose to experiment with your choices to determine what works for you. We would like to add casual trousers, and cotton pants to the list of options so you can pick one based on comfort, coordination with your kurta colour and sense of style. We recommend that you flaunt your kurta with muted tones for a balanced appeal. 

We have taken time to carefully pick the fabric,  colour and embroidery  for these men’s kurtas. One can go avant-garde with brooches for simple kurta designs or mojaris that coordinate with the fabric and colour of your kurta.

Go on and elevate your personal style by choosing the perfect men’s kurta for any occasion and style it right. 

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