Paper mache – The craft of pulped paper

Paper mache – The craft of pulped paper

These are ought to spark delight and discussion. Many artists register the scenes of their day-to-day by pouring them out on the paper mache canvas. The colours used are organic or vegetable-based, keeping your bundle of joy out of harm’s way while they play with these mache toys.

Khush-Khati or calligraphy with the Iranian touch, on the range of variably-sized plates of paper mache, is also yearningly customized.

It is hard to imagine that something made of wastepaper, goes under Sakthsaazi, and eventually turns out to be so elegant. The Kashmiri craftsmen are gifted with art so colossal that they turn the discarded paper into a myriad of patterns and hence into an attractive work of handicraft.

One can shop for the home decor consisting of miniature hookah pots, photo frames, colourful paintings on wood for bedsteads, ceilings, doors & windows, crockery, the bases of lamps, tables, tableware, cabinets. Paper mache artfulness is also added to the willow baskets. All these and more pick up the living spaces and how!

For exclusive use, the pen holders, coasters, cups, bangles, jewellery, and gift boxes are also manufactured. People consider gifting the traditional, fine Pashmina shawls in these boxes.

Many book publishers consider decorating the jackets of their books with paper mache motifs as well.

In the present day, these articles of utility are also used in traditional, ceremonial, and professional photoshoots.

Shah-e-Hamdan shrine on the banks of Jhelum, at Srinagar, is an eminent example of this art.

Gul-Andar-Gul, Gul-i-Hazara, Gul-e-Wilayat, Bagalda chinar and Gonder are some of the denominated patterns.

Hands of Gold has a range of articles of paper mache utility that you can book for minimal to bulk orders.

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