Reasons Buying Handmade is More Sustainable

Reasons Buying Handmade is More Sustainable

1. It Helps Support the Local Economy

Every single time you buy handmade know that, you help support the local economy. Instead of that economy going to support the mass production often with shady labor practices, your money goes directly to support the artist or artisan in their everyday work and life. Their success means a stronger local economy, and we believe in keeping the money where our hearts live – at home.

2. Buying Local Reduces the Impact on the Local Environment

Did you know? Locally owned businesses tend to make more local purchases, which in turn cuts down on transportation and pollution of the environment. Residents of neighborhoods with more local businesses log 26 percent less automobile miles. Because setting up shop locally, in one’s own home or a building down the street, this causes less sprawl and congestion as well. 

3. Handmade = Quality

Handmade is typically made to last much longer than mass produced goods. Machine made goods are often made from cheap materials and can break or wear down much quicker than handmade. Handmade might have a higher price tag, but it’s worth more in the long run because of quality.  

4. Handmade = Small Batch

Many makers have sustainability in mind when making their products. Small-batch production, and using eco-friendly or sustainably sourced materials, are often part of a handmade business’s values. Just like Clare’s hand-dyed scarves and jewelry, made in small batches in her home. If you tend towards holding similar values in your everyday life, buying handmade is for you!

5. You Become Part of the Story

Because handmade items are not mass produced, that means you’re buying something unique with an interesting story behind it. Think of that a hand-knit scarf you bought for your mom. It was made by hand. Each piece is unique piece and the maker has put his time, energy, and love into, just for you. When you buy handmade, you become a part of that story of buying and living sustainably.  Hands of Gold is a handmade is here to help the makers build thriving, profitable businesses.

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