Story of the Kashmiri Willow

Story of the Kashmiri Willow

Willow in essence is a sapling obtained by sowing its germinal into the deep mountainous soils of Kashmir. Its fine, rafted stems are finely woven in articulate forms to corral into a masterpiece unmatched. This art is widely used in Kashmir as a carrier for the mud pot for carrying smoldering coal during the winter tide. It is also used for making various other home decor items like chests, chattels, etc.

Its concept  was incepted to provide growers with the baskets to ferry, garner and distribute their produce in mystifying quantities.

Willow saplings are sown around February-March and harvested in October. The stem of the plant, known as withy, is sorted according to length and girth. Farmers then sell these stems to contractors involved in wicker willow manufacturing. They further send these stems to artisans based on what product their requirements for the make.

Artisans boil the stems in huge water boilers overnight  to soften them. After boiling, they remove the bark from the stem with the help of solitary sticks known as zealan in Kashmir. The stems are then dried for several days under direct sunlight to remove the moisture on all counts. This stem, devoid of moisture, is used by artisans for making beautiful wicker willows. They may smoothen, dye, or cut the stems as per the requirement of the product.

These willow baskets find broad use in picnic baskets, tiffin boxes, lampshades, chairs, tables, trays, curtain rings, and cycle baskets. These are also used for the vintage themed photoshoots of the customised baskets and tray carriers. Adored with the florals in spring and soul-warming foods in winters, Kashmiri wicker finds a broad spectrum of use in seasonal festivals.

Wicker is also an innate part of the weddings of Kashmir. They form the base of huge celebrity hampers exchanged during a solemnization. In addition to the above, the weave in the wicker basket keeps the air flowing in and out maintaining a vent.

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