Summer Gulkand Recipes

Summer Gulkand Recipes

“Gulkand is a traditional sun-cooked rose jam that is known for its cooling and pitta-pacifying properties. A spoon of Gulkand in water or milk after lunch and dinner  keeps the stomach cool and prevent common pitta ailments like acidity, heartburn, and migraine. With the June temperatures reaching its pinnacle, Gulkand can  plummet for your body heat,”

In addition to being a natural coolant, Gulkand comes with the rich and  intriguing rosette flavour. It can add stories to a simple nosh and ensemble togetherness.

Gulkand in milk is one of the best summer drinks. All you need is chilled milk, and some rose petals preserve. A ready to serve summer drink is ready.

Gulkand Milkshake is another enticing combine of flavours of the rose preserve. Take blender jar and add 1 ½ cup chilled milk, ¼ cup gulkand, 1 tbsp. roohafza syrup, some ice cubes, and blend them all together. Garnish the inside of the glass with the roohafza syrup. Add milk mixture in the glass and decorate with slitted almonds & pistachios vertically. It looks incredible and appetising.

Make a Gulkand Strawberry milkshake in a jar. Add strawberries, milk, gulkand, chocolate syrup & heavy cream. Add ice cream and garnish with the freshly diced strawberry.

Place orders and get your nerves pacified this summer.

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