The Enticing Almond Oil

The Enticing Almond Oil

This nutty extract of the crusted canvas can be your holy grail for hair and skincare. It gets you a step closer to the dewy skin and lustrous hair. Almond oil finds its proficient use in the beauty industry and is a part of grandma’s recipe since forever and a day. This oil is an excellent moisturizer and is a solace for chapped, tightened skin. It is an ecstasy that promotes multi-layer penetration.

Scorching summers cause the whiteish Indian skin tone to blemish and built-up grime, it takes off the natural radiance and causes the glow to condense. Chemical skin care affects the cell shaft and is detrimental to skincare.

Almond oil is euphoric for people with skin conditions and for the ones allergic to synthesized skincare. Our Almond oil is proven to reduce rashes, pimples, and peeling skin.

The non-greasy texture and the sweet, subtle fragrance of Almond oil is a plus too. It takes the experience of using this oil to a perpetual high.

The ritual of its use consists of applying the oil on clean, washed skin while it is still damp. This will cause the concoction to percolate into the skin effectively.

Almond oil also majors in enhancing the cognitive ability of the brain related to making memories, processing emotions, and taking decisions. Hands of Gold’s Almond oil, therefore, is wonderful when used as a salad dressing.

The generous presence of essential fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic improves skin elasticity and suppleness. A rich source of vitamin E also smoothens the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. It thus is commonly found in many anti-aging formulations. Almond oil also contains other essential minerals. The presence of zinc and other potent antioxidants help in reversing the sun-induced free radical damage

Natural oils are mild on the skin, but a patch test is always required to check if the product can get akin to the skin.

So, upgrade your beauty regime with this winsome blend of Hands of Gold.

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