The Oily way!

The Oily way!

Our cold-pressed oils with an enhanced aroma of the seeds make it a true luxury to indulge in. Choosing these high-quality formulated oils is a major to a healthy life in this contemporary world. Formulated using a no-heat method, cold-pressed oils deliver maximum nutrients with the plus of delectable nutty flavours. Here are some of our top recommendations that should indeed be in your pantry:

Almond Oil: Made from 100% Kashmiri mamra almond kernel, every drop of our Almond oil is a premium unmatched. An assortment of antioxidants and vitamin E, A, D and B, contains protein essentials, minerals, and healthy fats.  Rich in Oleic and linoleic acids, it is absorbed by the skin effortlessly. Due to its high nutrient content, this oil is used as a skincare product as well as a medicinal oil for treating skin disorders. It can be consumed with milk. Its use is also vouched for in salad dressings and baking but we would not recommend it for cooking.  This cold-pressed oil is meant for all health nuts out there

  1. Walnut Oil: A perfect companion for you. It makes your salad  more palatable and will not change the primary flavour and aroma of your dish, giving you an impeccable result and appetite for the nosh. It is good for hair growth, is an anti-dandruff, amazing wound and clots healer, and moisturizer. It can be used consumed with milk but cannot be used for cooking except for baking and salad dressing.

Kashmiri Apricot Oil: The sweet dominant flavour of this oil is all you need to make your greens stand out from the conventional spreads. Not just this, you can also use this oil to add a subtle sweetness to your composition.    It is good for skin suppleness, softness, and radiance. Apricot oil also stimulates hair growth and reduces the appearance of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines. It can be used consumed with milk, used for baking and salad dressing only.

Apricot and almond oils have a shelf life of 1.5 years, respectively. Whereas walnut oil has a shelf life of 6 months.

These oils should be kept away from direct sunlight.

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