The sealed nectar, Honey

The sealed nectar, Honey

Honey of the consistency of velvet, expressed from the honeycombs of Kashmir is one of the best produces of the valley. This golden-colored nectar with dense viscosity falls like a dream through the grooves of the honey dipper when raised.

An organic substitute for sugar also called ‘pure sugar’ not only thwarts weight gain but also is great to keep your skin hydrated. The smell, color, and taste of honey vary based on the type of flowers it is made from. This calls for the countless medleys of this sweetness to choose from.

The minimally refined, relatively untouched, darker honey is high in antioxidants as compared to its lighter counterparts.

If the abode of love, the heart is taken care of with the Himalayan nectared honey, over the years, it definitely will go a country mile.

Every year during the months of April – May, honey is harvested from the beehives of Apis Mellifera species of bees found abundantly in Kashmir.

This luscious edible travels down your throat comforting the piercing, and whooping cough caused by the expelling of air from lungs with sound, cough. This betters the quality of life of both parents as well as the children.

Owing to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, it is theorized that honey is a great healing potion for a range of skin disorders.

You can use it any way that you’d typically use sugar, and the benefits are a win-win. It is excellent for sweetening the bland oats meal. You can also use it in cooking and baking a range of cookies in addition to a daily breakfast pancake drizzle.

Honey is natural from its very inception. It is stored in wax and resin natal stores by the honeybees and there is no to minimal infusion into the nutritive.

Hands of Gold offers a range of this indelible drizzle. Many civilizations used honey to coat fruits, seeds, and stems of plants to preserve them or to be used as a kind of confectionery.

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