The Secret of Keeping Your Pashmina for Decades

The Secret of Keeping Your Pashmina for Decades

The heavenly opulence and delicate texture of pashmina with rich hand embroideries and complex hand weaves have been an integral part of the lifestyles of the royals. In no time Pashmina became a wearable passion of the empresses and emperors and took over the lucid dreams of the contemporary fashion lovers. Those who acquired it or procure it even today did not know how to manage it to make it an ever last. This missing link caused many to loose this articulate treasure. To have this luxury intact for years and pass it down to the next generation as lovingly, no chapters and verses need to be referred to but a momentary care here and primary there will do the job.

A dry cleaner is the best professional to take care of the laundering needs of this piece. Cleaning it at home with any product, high end or local is a big no! It will take the life out of this legacy and render is of no wearable use.

Storage is another important maneuver to preserve this beauty. Secure a pashmina in breathable muslin or cotton bag and place neem leaves in the compartment they are placed in. These repellents should not be in direct contact with the fabric, it will render a pungent smell to the shawl every time you intend to wear it. Body sprays and perfumes of any grade are also not advised to be sprayed on the piece.

Pashmina shawl forms a traditional galore that has been the part of the luxurious wardrobes since time immemorial. Complimenting it with a statement jewellery piece is always a way to extenuate the look multi-folds. What needs to be taken care of is the prevention of the ornate wearable from getting stuck into the fibril of the precious piece. This renders the drape shabby.

The older generation in Kashmir still practices a half- yearly practice of airing out the shawls passed down from older generations. A room full of sunshine is primarily the safest to do this.  Since unnecessary removing the piece from the bag is not suggested so airing out the shawl is also the best time to check for moles or bugs on the piece.

Kitchening while donning the shawl is also not suggested because it is very sensitive to heat and fire which can tender for a yellow and black heat spot on the proximate portion.

Brushing over the fabric after use, folding it across the same silhouettes every time and finally storing individual pieces separately is a standard practice to maintain the shawl, forever.

Preserving the exquisiteness and regal demeanour of Pashmina favoured with royal patronage is not just the product saved but the love of the people of Kashmir who literally sit over one piece for years and handcraft the marriage of every single thread culminating into a legacy called Pashmina.

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